Practice Areas

Real Estate

• Advice on structuring real estate transactions, drafting required documents and those most suitable to each business performance, such as sales agreement, gift/donation, lease agreement, lease-purchase agreement, among others;

• Preparation of deeds and other required documents to comply with procedures to register the real estate development project, condominium bylaws, segregate estate institution, articles of association for neighborhoods and housing cooperatives, as well as providing all necessary process for filing these documents at the real estate register;

• Preparation of contracts for construction, turnkey construction, building contract, construction administration, provision of services, subcontractors’ agreements;

• Advice on land development and required legal documents related to;

• Carrying out due diligence, including gathering and analyzing all information and documents that may be relevant to identify the risks involved;

• Issuing, verifying and organizing all certificates required to comply with legal procedures in order to file the real estate development at the real estate registries.

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Belo Horizonte / MG
+55 31 2513-7550
Stael Mary Bicalho Motta Magalhães Road, 521,
8º floor, Belvedere.

Fortaleza / CE
+55 85 3181-6900
Rua Marcos Macedo, 1.333,
conj. 2.205, torre 2, Aldeota,
CEP: 60.150-190

Manaus / AM
+55 92 3877-8898
Avenida Mário Ypiranga, 315,
sala 401, Adrianópolis
CEP: 69.057-000

Rio de Janeiro / RJ
+55 21 4042-1471
Av. José Silva de Azevedo Neto, 200, salas 411/412,
bloco 6, Barra da Tijuca,
CEP: 22.775-056

São Paulo / SP
+55 11 3853-2022
Alameda Campinas, 802,
9º floor Jardins,
CEP: 01.404-200

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