Practice Areas

Financial Operations

• Support to companies and financial entities on loans, leasing and other related operations, domestically and internationally;

• Advice on financial products and instruments, including debt-related products and derivatives in stock market and over-the-counter market;

• Advice on insurance and reinsurance products, including preparation and review of policies as well as negotiations related to such insurance and reinsurance operations;

• Advice on regulatory matters for financial institutions and insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as insurance and reinsurance brokers;

• Constitution and Registry of investments funds, brokerage firms, broker dealer firms and agents authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM);

• Advice to foreign investors in operations with funds and portfolios, and other available operations.

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Belo Horizonte / MG
+55 31 2513-7550
Stael Mary Bicalho Motta Magalhães Road, 521,
8º floor, Belvedere.

Fortaleza / CE
+55 85 3181-6900
Rua Marcos Macedo, 1.333,
conj. 2.205, torre 2, Aldeota,
CEP: 60.150-190

Manaus / AM
+55 92 3877-8898
Avenida Mário Ypiranga, 315,
sala 401, Adrianópolis
CEP: 69.057-000

Rio de Janeiro / RJ
+55 21 4042-1471
Av. José Silva de Azevedo Neto, 200, salas 411/412,
bloco 6, Barra da Tijuca,
CEP: 22.775-056

São Paulo / SP
+55 11 3853-2022
Alameda Campinas, 802,
9º floor Jardins,
CEP: 01.404-200

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